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Managing Your Social Media – 7 Post Ideas for Independent Musicians

March 13, 2023
3 min read

Social media is the ultimate source to leverage followers and keep them in the know. Staying consistent with post frequency, quality and engaging content is key to build and grow your audience. However, coming up with new posts over and over again can be daunting and stressful.

Most artists feel that the responsibility of creating engaging content on a regular basis and becoming a one-person production company does is not a skill they naturally have.

Things don’t necessarily have to be that complicated! Simplicity is key when it comes to social media, and as you probably noticed, there is not one secret sauce to make fans magically come running to your door. You will eventually find your authentic voice.

In the meantime, here are a few themes to help you step up your game:

The Making Of (Exposing Your Followers to the Creative Process)

The process of songwriting, producing, mixing and marketing is always intriguing!

Especially if you have some good footage, captures from the studio, other talents who participated in the process and so forth. Sharing your creative process to your audience and fans makes exposes the story behind the song and spotlights the building blocks, motives, ideas behind the song. This additional exposure to your audience deepens the connection between the creator and fans.

When creating Making Of content for social media make sure to save your videos, photography and behind the scenes footage for marketing material!  Some ideas for useful Making Of content can be: videos of vocal recording sessions, raw takes of just you playing the song in a natural environment, sharing footage or the story of the inspiration behind the track.

Post a Lyric Video

Not every song needs to have a fully produced video clip.

There are literally hundreds of websites out there with royalty free videos like:, where you can use a few cool atmospheric videos for your track.

Import the video into a movie editor software like i-Movie or Lightworks, or use IndieFlow's Instant Video Maker to add your lyrics. As a stand alone post it may not be the fastest post content you will create, but it could be an engaging, eye-capturing way for fans to interact with your music and also serve as content for your YouTube channel or other video outlets.

Share Nostalgic Styled or Throw Back Posts

Do you have any embarrassing moments from your childhood? A picture of you playing at your first concert? Post it!

People love seeing older photos of others. It’s not only a way to reveal another part of yourself or your background, but also can be a humoristic, nostalgic moment which is always easy to connect with.

Cover A Favorite Song or Artist

Cover songs have quite a few advantages. It really depends on how far you want to take this. Anywhere from simple guitar covers shot from your phone to a multi instrumental studio session.

Share a Playlist of Influential Music

Creating playlists and sharing with your fans is a cool giveaway as well as another nice way to create a deeper connection with your fans. People who appreciate the same artists have something in common.

Build Up Posts and Teasers of Upcoming Releases

Pretty much a no brainer. This comes naturally to most artists. You’re probably super excited about your next release, whether it is a song , an album, a video, a vinyl, new merch. Anything new is exciting! And anything new gives reasons to start a conversation.

Leverage this excitement and use it strategically by creating cool offers for early adopters. You can do a pre-save campaign for an upcoming track release, or start teasing with images of your new cool merch thats cooking, while creating discounted offers for whoever order in advance.

You don’t have to think transactional necessarily. This can be simple excitement about an announcement of a new gig date you closed. The point here is don’t just wait for the announcement of a new event. Build up towards the day of announcement and be generous with your fans.

Collaborations with Similar Artists

Do some research and find a few artists to collaborate with.

Collaborations on social media go way beyond just posting and  the beautiful thing about it is that you’re expanding your music network – which is the number one thing you need to focus on if you’re building a music career.

There are endless ways to collaborate with musicians around you: You can produce a track with someone, do simple covers to each others songs, perform together, do a webinar on a mutual interest you both have and so much more.

Whats nice about music is that when it comes to fans, you’re not necessarily in competition. On the contrary, if a fan loves your music, and a collaborator makes music in the same genre or style the fan will be happy to discover the collaborator through you.

A collaborator’s strategy won’t only give you something to post about, it will help you grow and reach new fans.

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