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Introducing IndieFlow’s New Navigation Dashboard: Make Your Music Journey a Breeze!

September 28, 2023
3 min read

Hey there, IndieFlow family! 

We've got some exciting news to share with you - our brand-new navigation dashboard is here, and it's all about making your music journey smoother, more intuitive, and packed with even more possibilities. This dashboard is your one-stop destination for everything you need. 

As an independent artist, you must juggle many tasks on top of creativity. That's why we created this dashboard - to put all the tools you need within easy reach. Our new dashboard starts with Quick Actions, a suite of tools presented with stylish icons, tailor-made for artists like you including a couple of exciting new features:

AI Pitch Generator: Craft pitch-perfect emails and messages easily, giving you more time to focus on your music while our AI handles the rest.

Release Wizard: Release your music through a fast, intuitive and user-friendly service. Make sure everything runs smoothly during distribution with our smart validation tool.

Goal Planner: Streamline your projects like a pro. Whether it's planning a release, shooting a video, or getting ready for a tour, our expert-made checklists ensure you don't miss a beat.

Video Maker: Make your music look better with our Video Maker. Create stunning Spotify Canvas and Instagram videos that complement your music seamlessly. You can easily add videos, photos, stickers, texts, and shapes.

Merch Designer: Dreaming of your own merch line? Share your vision, and we'll connect you with the most competitive offers for designing and producing everything from tees to caps and beyond.

EPK Creator: Create a professional electronic press kit in minutes. Impress industry pros with a customized EPK that shines a spotlight on your talent.

But that's not all. Below the Quick Actions panel, you'll find even more great features:

Mentorships: Book a chat with an experienced industry mentor and tap into their wisdom for your musical journey.

Recent Plans: Pick up where you left off with easy access to your recent plans, ensuring your projects stay on track.

Royalties Manager: Never leave a penny on the table. We've got you covered with registration with over 100 Performance Rights Organizations worldwide.

Social Media Analytics and Music Data Panel: Get insights into your music's performance and fan demographics. Make smart decisions to boost your music promotion efforts.

With IndieFlow's new dashboard, you're in control. Now it’s time to give it a spin! Check it out

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