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Backstage With: ATELLER

March 10, 2023
3 min read


Main influences on making music?

Ateller: O Mer, Flying Lotus, James Blake, Radiohead, Fallen Atom, Zeppelin, Bon Iver, Kendrick, Anderson Paak, Chris Dave, my friends

ATELLER artist photo

Challenges in music production?

Ateller: Sit your ass down and work 🙂

Challenges in being a musician in 2020?

Ateller: Oooof — I don’t know where to start! I would say that the biggest challenge is the need to master many things that aren’t music – social media, marketing, fashion, brand, business. I don’t think we were prepared for it and whereas we’ve probably spent our 10,000 hours on music, we certainly haven’t on the other stuff. That creates a gap between talented profound musicians and their potential audience, because we simply don’t really know how to reach them.

Best ways new artists can reach an audience?

Ateller: Funny to finish my last answer and the read this question. Well – I just don’t know!

ATELLER artist photo

What is the most exciting aspect of launching your new album?

AT: This one had the strongest impact on me so far. Many people have been reaching out, writing long thoughtful messages about how the album touched them from all over the world. It’s kind of a mind fuck that something I did completely alone now belongs to other people and they have their private relationship with it.

Best ways to book gigs in 2020? What are your favorite venues and why?

AT: Well — I still book my gigs based on personal connections and just writing emails. I’m not sure that’s the best way. I really like to play at Baby’s All Right where I have a show at Feb 26, if you’re in NYC — come!

How and when did you start realizing that you can support yourself financially with music?

AT: I’ve been only doing music for roughly 3 years now and it’s truly the best feeling in the world. To me it’s mixing several worlds that create a somewhat consistent income – producing myself and other artists, playing drums and touring with other artists, and DJing. I think you need to have more than 1 expertise these days and be very flexible and adaptable in order to survive today, in all professions really.

What are your recommendations for up and coming artists who would like to take and treat their art as a business?

AT: My main advice (to myself included) would be to constantly release music. You can only benefit from dropping music to the world. You engage with the enviroment in a real way and learn and grow that way, whereas sitting on music, trying to perfect it for years and never releasing it gives you nothing and creates unnecessary loops in your head.

ATELLER artist in night photo

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